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illuminativisionsdotcom Don't miss out on this limited time registration opportunity!
What is SE-United?

SE-United is a new and upcoming Social Engineering community. Currently standing at nearly 100 well known members of the SE community. We have members who age back all the way to the Astropid community (rip). We are currently an application only based forum and are recruiting members from the Community.

Why are you recruiting members on

We have been considering allowing new members into the scene with more experience in human manipulation. We would like to give members of an opportunity to learn from our members and to share their knowledge with our forum.

How do I get an apply?

Either post below or register at Illuminativisionsdotcom

I haven't SE'd much, surely I won't get accepted!
Incorrect, we accept anyone who is willing to learn. We have thousands of methods and tons of tutorials on SEing and write ups on over a thousands different companies. We are also working on have a dedicated Mentor team that hold classes regularly via skype and can always be reached via PM for assistance and guidance.

How do I ensure that I am accepted?

The main way to be accepted is being honest. You will be asked about your previous SEing experience and your presence on various forums. All of our members review member applications and we have accounts across just about every community including all tiers in them. If you lie on your application we will find out. As previously stated we allow members that are wanting to learn about SEing so there is no reason to exaggerate or flat out lie.
Next you need to put effort into your app, the majority of instant denials are members that won't even put any time into the application. If you have one word answers or very short responses we will not even consider your application.

Specify the reason you want to join well, if you are looking for a new SEing home then tell us, if you are looking to increase your SEing knowledge then tell us. To be accepted at Illuminativisionsdotcom we need to have a good reason to accept you, we have enough members as it is so we will not accept members that do not show initiative.

Good luck everyone, feel free to ask any questions.

nice b8 m8
Hello, I submitted an application, my nick is "fertavare". Can you help me? I have to wait a lot to know something??

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