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iKy Dark Web Tool - Open Source
[Image: i-1.png]
[Image: i-4.png]
[Image: i-6.png]

Project iKy is a tool that collects information from an email and shows results in a nice visual interface.

Open Source

Thanks, this could be usefull. It's kind of pretty too.
Thanks, i will test this, btw very nice interface
the graphical interface seems excellent and also the functions, to try as soon as possible ....
And I though only CLI looks sexy, sheesh man. They've set the bar pretty high lmao
Functions-wise, it's pretty basic. But by being open-source, it'll grow rapidly. It's written in Python too, so that's a plus!
Very pretty, I'll take a look at it.
Does this still work as per the readme files?

I followed the process but when I visit it says site can't be reached.

When executing the frontend server there were a few deprication notices, but not sure if that would necessarily impact it working.
I haven't tried the vagrant method as i'm not familiar with that one.
What about it is darknet-related? I can't tell, I'm slow.
This UI is really nice, pretty cool ngl.
Very nice UI and platform agnostic is a plus. Maltego might finally have some decent competition.
This looks really nice and very pretty, will have to test it out.

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