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i need an smtp email cracker
hello i need an smtp cracker !!!!

pm me
What about THC Hydra?
You actually can't "crack" SMTP since it's a protocol not a hash or encryption. What you can do is "crack" the password stolen from a SMTP server or bruteforce a SMTP server. If your cracking a password stolen from an SMTP server you will first need to find out what typing of hashing was used, then you can use "John the Ripper" to crack the password. Directly bruteforcing the server is going to be a tedious, slow and stressful for your computer, this is because SMTP isn't the fastest protocol and so your going to need threads. Like the above recommended you would need to use Hydra or something to do this.
thanks kunamisezkx Smile Smile Smile
maybe this for your help
thanks a lot i wwill check it later hdmidragon !!!

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