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I do not know why it made so much boom?
Honestly, I'm not satisfied with Cloudflare
There's no way I'd trust cloudflare with my DNS queries. They will log and they will sell your data
How does it go with Piratebay?
interesting. I'm surprised I haven't heard.their OCE servers
Nah, I'll stay away from it
Already have this for my iPad, Android and Pc's. The speed is actually noticeable and I definitely recommend this
Cloudflare is our friend!!! Beleive me (not)!
I dont trust cloudfare... still an us company. Would recommend it
I don't trust this to be safer than anything else, but if it's faster than any other DNS, then why not try it out if you're not doing anything illegal.
i will stick with google DNS. Google already own my soul. No point in disowning them now.

This. But it is indeed goddamn fast.

Is pingtesting a bad option to determine their speed?
Whelp, data is such a valuable resource ...

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