Poll: is oj swag lord
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2 11.76%
yes and im gay

15 88.24%
Total 17 vote(s) 100%
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how to have swag 101
10 step for give u swag

1 show tits to o j 
2 eat pineabble
4 put hat on head
5 put shoe on head
4 eat no vegetabals they r for pussy :d
6 pray to techpony11 be4 u go bed
3 drop soap in prisen
6 eat choclat only white cus black taste bad
7 wear obey shirt wear obey leggings
8 wear air jording 6
9 wear ice watch
10 say swag in every word u swagsay

Sounds like how to be a faggot.
So basically oj 101.
how to be a faggot cumfirmed and i cant vote no, so im just going to say no
Dextrose is a boy "cypher king" thank me later
how is posting porn on sb allowed.
I think that signature is the best thing that has ever happened to me.
swag latin:

swagthe swagnew swagpig swaglatin
This is gay and you should die.

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