how to get credits? :D
can someone explain how to get credits? :D

Enough said Biggrin
You can use search function and find the link as per above, or you can reply to threads like this one like I do
thanks for the help :D
It's very simple. Even I cant describe
Replying to threads like this, very easy Wink
Either by replying to threads or creating them Smile
This is just copied and pasted from my other post.

Feel free to check this post out, it will help a lot.

How to get credits: (Thanks to Omni)
Read before posting:
New Credits:
How many credits do you get for each post?
Yea I was wondering the same thing myself as a newbie, now I know replying gets me some credits, but I'm more of a lurker than a talkative type, and I wouldn't mind paying for them, but I don't understand why they have to start at 8 bucks, instead of a set price per say 10 credits or something
Really? It's posted everywhere....

How I can get sandwich?
Thanks! This helped me a lot

This worked, thank you so much ^^

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