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how many of you guys using win10?
Just make sure you disable (3rd party software is useful) all these spyware that comes with it
suddenly upgraded, so I was unwillingly forced into spyware 10
Not using it. If you are forced to, make sure you install winprivacy (!
If a large number of reporting and telemetry services are turned off, if you need to use it, Windows 10 can be useful OS.
if you want the fbi to view your personal stuff then use win 10
I use windows 10 for gaming with most telemetry etc turned off. Also have a mac for music production (well hackintosh)
Using it, not really concerned about telemetry at this point but ya, if you are, view the previous posts and their suggestions.
I think se7en is the best too, but, as InterestingDuck says every windows user should be using the latest and updated version for security reasons.

And indeed, some new hardware components don't are compatible with 7.

Linux is the good way.
I use windows 10, and used windows 8 before
whats windows? if u ment the irl ones i have 9 in my apartament, u can see throw them really good.
I use Win10 right now.
With a dual boot Linux though
just go with your fav os all the same

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