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how many of you guys using win10?
Here I am with Windows 10 which everyone I talk to seems to hate, but I quite like it with the privacy turned off
My boss forces me to use it But I use Linux
I use Zorin Os and have been using it for a while.
been using windows 10 for like 6 months, before it i was using windows 7
I use Win 10 on my home desktop, because of all the gaming / SLI / surround display support and also because of some essential CAD software that exclusively runs on Windows.
I like Win 10 better than Win 7, just looks better imo. But everywhere else I try to stick to Debian / Gnome.
i use win10 because once you get used to the interface it's acually quite productive and if you have a beefy pc you can make it look rly good.
it's proven that win 10 is spying for it's users. i'm still staying with my 7th edition + I use Linux
I never upgrade until i really have to.
I'm using 10, i need DX12... And i don't really like Windows 7, prefer Windows 8.1 + Start Menu...
forced to use at uni because some of the software I need to use only works on win10 is inconvenient af it was so much easier to navigate shit in win7
I use win7 because there is always some problem with win10 for me. Never had major problems with win7.
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Windows 10, jeez. I mean, if you don't care about neither your privacy nor your personal information, then sure, go ahead and use it.

I'm currently using windows 8.1 because I'll lose my warranty if I uninstall it. But I'll dualboot it ASAP.

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