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how many of you guys using win10?
just curious i'm using 7 and it making good for me
using only in vm for office
sometimes in a vm as well, same for 7
I use it in a dual boot tablet
Win 10 calls home to M$ too much....
Windows XP is where it's at... never liked Linux or Debian-based Linux like Ubuntu.
I was never a big fan of microsoft, but apart from the privacy-invading telemetry stuff, I actually like Win 10.

Besides, some of the telemetry stuff has been pushed out to win 7 via update, and likely the rest of it will be pushed out soon. Vista sucked, and XP no longer has support so is highly exploitable. If you want to use Windows, you're pretty much stuck with the telemetry so you might as well use win 10 which IMO is the most stable. It's a messy situation, but at least there are plenty of tools to disable most of the telemetry.
I have Windows 10 but I have disabled the spying stuff
I had a windows 8 computer which i upgraded to windows 10 and dual booted with linux, messed up the partitioning, and just stuck with arch linux/win8 dualboot after reinstalling the system. W10 is just too intrusive :c
Windows 7 is my favorite OS. I'm not a fan of Windows 8/10.
I use it at work, although it is not very convenient
My view:
If you are running Windows, you should be running the latest Windows. This means Windows 10 with all of the updates applied.

Now, of course, you can disable the telemetry. But you really should not rely on this. Disabling the telemetry only goes so far, and I have strong suspicions that it does not fully secure the OS. You should assume, that, being closed source software, it is likely compromised by OS. We already know that the addresses of Microsoft's telemetry services are hardcoded - blocking them in the hosts file (and possibly other means as well) will not stop Windows 10 calling home. If you do not have the enterprise version, you cannot reduce telemetry below the basic level and at this level there is still easily enough information available to Microsoft to personally identify you.

If you use Windows and Windows works for you, that's genuinely great, but if you are concerned about privacy my honest opinion is that you should not run Windows at all. If you need it for any particular tool or application, you can always run it within a virtual machine, assuming that you trust the container not to allow Windows to break out in one way or another. On the upside, Wine is getting better every day.

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