how does one se isp companies
by PsychOTrojaN - February 27, 2019 at 12:00 AM
would like to know how to do this xd
Essentially when Social Engineering ISP companies intelligence is key, you need to know as much as possible on how their customer service agents work, a really easy way to do this if you are unable to find it on google, is by contacting a Support Agent on Linkedin (on a fake account of course) and try asking questions, be polite and act dumb they will miss up and give you information such as private systems they may use such as for Comcast Grand Slam, which they use to use for user lookup. After you have this information you're going to want to find an in-house number of a customer service agent the best way to do that is by getting transferred to one, have them call you back, then save the number ez pz. Wait a bit then call acting to be an employee needing user information, they will usually ask for a number but you can easily say "Oh shucks I never received one we were in live chat, here is the IP Address can you search it up on (Insert whatever tool they use for user lookup)", but a few key notes sounding like a kid will prevent this from working quite a bit, being nervous will do the same. As well if they find out you are not an employee you will need to get a fake number / spoofed as they will report you to the authorities. Here is a super in-depth guide written by @[VIP] CrackWhore

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