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good videos when feeling depressed
recently broke up with the love of my life and i need cheering up, please help me
I feel you brother. But only the time passing by can cure the feels.

I know the feeling and it's fucking hard.

The only medicine I have discovered is involving yourself into different kinds of extracurricular. Getting out there, start doing something new, involve yourself in new things like sports, dances or anything similar. Learn something new, you will automatically trick your brain into meeting new people, new relations and occupy your mind with new thoughts. Staying inside, re-thinking stuff will never work, trust me. Spend less time at home and you will get through this in a brusque manner. Trust me. Best of luck.

P.S. Read a book called 'The Rational Male'. Cheap book, but valuable read. That will open your eyes man, and it definitely helps to rethink your way of doing things and women relations overall.
As Harold said, He has given 100% correct answer, Involve your self in other extracurricular activities. You will have to forget your past. Try to focus on your present and future bro. I hope You' will soon be feeling ok.
I reccomend this one if you need someone to cheer you on as you go and do something more productive:
Honestly, you need to just let it out first. Was it a mutual breakup? Did you end on bad terms?
The official youtube channel from Two Steps from Hell
I have a suggestion, if u want to forget the past start watching series of great actors like breaking bad, vikings, money haste etc.
it makes u feel better i promise u that
(06-29-2018, 06:57 AM)Darkmanager Wrote:  The official youtube channel from Two Steps from Hell

thats a good one, my recommendation as well

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