good anti virus for free
by raidflacs - September 06, 2018 at 07:40 AM
Kaspersky Free is good if you dont mind russia
If you need to use windows I suggest you AVAST
Freee antivirus is still pretty risky, if you are really worried you might have to fork out for a good EDR like cylance (Currently 55$ per year) or crowdstrike(Although crowd strike has had some minor issues lately.)
Dr.Web good anti virus
I don't use antivirus except windows defender. I try suspicious file in virtual machine. I know there's exploit to access file outside VM so always be careful and keep vmware updated
If properly using the OS that antivirus is not needed. And if you swing just a slag, yeah, and antivirus will not help
I like Avast... the voice is sexy.
I'm just using Windows Defender, it's fine
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try httxx://
Avast or Malwarebytes
i say avast. But a sandbox would be a good idea to run risky apps
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Malwarebytes is the best to go.

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