good anti virus for free
by raidflacs2k - September 06, 2018 at 07:40 AM
i suggest avast antivirut
I've been using both Avira and Kaspersky for many years.
I use Windows Defender and partly Avira (it actually kills my performance)
Stock windows defender on widnows 10 seems to be great now and its free too. Just keep updating the virus database.
Windows Defender
Forticlient (from Fortinet)
I used to recommend Avast, not since the AVG/Avast Merger.
Win10 Defender or BitDefender (can be torrented I think)
And Avast is okay just dont use Avira
Don't use paid AV, it's bad for performance and security. Defender is all you need.
If you know what you are doing, Just go for WD
GNU/Linux in the flavour that you preffer
In my opinion it is Malwarebytes I'm using it about 2 years and I don't have anything bad to say about it. Of course it has some problems ex. web filter is too sensitive so he can lock completly good websites but if you configure everything properly he works perfectly. Good thing is it that you can buy premium version key for about 2$ - 3 $ I highly recommend it ;p But if you are installing applications from unknown source better download sanbox and install every application like this using sandbox then you can isolate that application from your computer resources LUL
Avira free, but the most important thing is a firewall. Ransomware and new virus are not detected at first. If you use a firewall like Windows Firewall Control, you get a notification if anything requests internet access (blocking all ransomware).
Really any of them are about the same. If you're trying not to get viruses, than harden your system. Close unnecessary open ports. Don't run euntrusted executables., segregate admin/user programs and use strong passwords. AV will only catch old viruses that have been around for a while and like metasploit payloads. AV is really pretty easy to beat tbh.

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