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This leak contains data from Database and site code included. The database itself contains tens of thousands of accounts whose passwords are protected with MD5. Administrator account passwords are protected by SHA1. It also contains phone numbers, addresses, PayPal emails, a list of all transactions, etc.

Administrators had opportunity to eliminate vulnerability and avoid data leaks, but decided not to respond and waste time. We leak data.

Bonus gift: we also put decrypted hash in the archive. Have fun.

archive is RAR file 457 Mo

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Is it worth it tho????
I think so because you get all the source code. so if the admin patched not all bugs, you still can pawn it.
thanks i will check it
Smile Thank you sir for sharing!
Thanks by the way broham I appreciate it
This is awesoooomeI hope i wont need credits
thanks for share bro good job!
so you leak it here so the leechers can destroy what little bit of info is still good...good job

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