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gintama or one punch man
witch one do you like most Gintama or one punch man
I prefer the one slap chap Smile

He's the most powerful :O
Gintama is a classic and very fun to just watch an ep there and there, and one punch man is also kinda storyless, but it's a little more story driven, I enjoy both a lot, but gintama is probably my favourite.
I prefer OPM (One Punch Man).

I love the “Peach head” 😂😂

Sorry but I found it funniest that Gintama because hero that can destroy with only “Normal punch” but he cannot kill a simple mosquito.
One punch all the way though Tongue
one punch man is great
One punch man for serious punch :D
I love Genos more. His skill is completely perfect
One punch man very funny, gintama very bad
I prefer Gintama
It's really funny =))
I'll put my money on One Punch Man
I'll put my money on One Punch Man

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