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[gandalfs gucci request]
first off let me say sorry if this is the wrong section but this is an application for a certain permission not for mod status

What's this post?
Essentially what i'm asking is not to be mod but to have the ability to +approve or -deny programs in the programming section.

 Well i see constantly posted sketchy programs posed as tools for rf members too use, much like a more recent even which you can read about my investigation here where i investigated a super sketch program a Rftechpony posted and people wanted to know if it was malicious or not.

I have the ability to get hard evidence using de-compilers and virtual machines and even can get the ip that the backdoor routes too (assuming it is a backdoor) with relative ease and can delve into the source code of the programs people post and search around for things that should be there or resources that could be harmful. You are possibly saying, "but gandalf what if they use a crypter" well the thing is if a person is making a tool for rf members use that's not labeled as a virus or sys32 removal tool, it shouldn't be crypted in the first place. You can see that i am capable of doing this and even posted a brief tutorial on basic detection here

I am fully capable of using mybb code for responses so no need to worry about that aswell. I just want to see all the wannabe hackers that infect their 'tools' eradicated and exterminated.
From what I heard, Hawk is leading a couple of members as program testers and they generally tell the Mod+s (such as myself, Nain, Sept, Kitsune, and Cryptiq) to approve or deny certain programs.

But hey, we'll never know. The higher ups will determine that.

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