| 228,639
by xam - October 05, 2019 at 06:26 PM
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date: September 25th, 2019
lines: 228,639
format: userid username ipaddress email token secret
1 com2us [email protected] $2y$10$TGqBkZ9ufLCCJn8ZtMrEMO1UqpbKJ3pFG1nljnS/YYqfhH61d3LIi [email protected]!4-L1a!>Drc-+\xY.E=e??Em
2 Hyunkook Ryu [email protected] $2y$10$2YeP3Tr5G99wbHFQAaSHAOJlKJcYpZTgPvG4iubDUH5xPudEmVM4G HScQ)`|~/g]3wlr?fX}}j{KUQV)%+.
3 Com2uSDood [email protected] $2y$10$yZ73CfOcEw7eHnj1vKUCT.d/xZIEkignORQyuiw8vLyi0JShIRt6m C)uru[=H!#Uqd_R([94)4OCW"JOz+=
4 Bhctekkg26 [email protected] $2y$10$f07R24aLb16bgCDvUzRngOVoH6cR51EVAFqRWD.hWozdo8OWEbCjS QA}!0d+#N[(Q=T/$&$,CvFr[)[[%V:
5 Com2usFred [email protected] $2y$10$jMrYLE9xJ04kQWWr0SJKmec3IQ4eNR0byFSQFGTuQnRLxGBNjevNS `[email protected]?.j0ko,4rcb
6 hannaioe [email protected] $2y$10$b3E6zL9FInTEZXGkVjZga.HOiG.c3G.RhHKfqXjRtW52RkhleG8Gy R+{)"}V[LC^~>TAA5k/&[lWHilq(eE
7 yesmob [email protected] $2y$10$ohhPlqhsfgh/Iy/UZ2pb9uTubKZgddP41SMul.VOzaMu0enKQMr5m Y~%^4lG&Y3EcFZ'NRk{iYB#[email protected][0<"G
8 lonelysummoner [email protected] $2y$10$8wm69aLog9ibLVqCImIu9OznCVptXiUlvmC1OWxLnVrNJz7ayIP0C 6Qf?ME3n"s%`x8$h+u8Un<{C,2"\K7
9 Test [email protected] $2y$10$O08fPUVYqLMZbpFTRZ5Pf.vbq34c0.JytyM4OMsSD4tm3F9tCPeAW [FWw"M[>0Rv~,k!W'L(e{1xyrU\[email protected]`
10 pupnuggets [email protected] $2y$10$/K79iDJcpYnmIBHh5.tlxe9RHS0ZA.Bnx0NkSvx1jgG09cRu0PfZW }8s"Y'5"ov[mQY[c.P8|1i%/rX.G{W
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No passwords here mate?
(October 05, 2019 at 09:03 PM)TommySMG Wrote: No passwords here mate?

they're hashed. for vbulletin hashes, it contains the password hash & salt in the same column named token, and salt in secret. hashcat modes 2611(3 character salt/vBulletin < v3.8.5) & 2711 (30 character salt/vBulletin >= v3.8.5)
damn dude i was on this server but i could not dump this one for some reason good work.
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link not working anymore........
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