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facebook ?
are you guys still using facebook?
Never used it, never going to.
(04-10-2018, 10:45 AM)gumilarp Wrote:  are you guys still using facebook?

what is facebook?
of course that i use... do you use linkedin, instagram, vk ... etc. It's not only facebook a problem
Never used it, never going to use it, too much public undefined
never used it never going to lol facebook is complete shit.
naa. although i used to have lotx of ids..but i shut them all years ago..insta is new fb now
used to use it for groups mostly, then the ads just annoyed me
Nah I don't use that shit, I believe in the future you'll find more and more people will stop using facebook.
I have a different question for you here:

should M. Zuckerberg resign after Cambrige Analytica scandal?
Yeah I still use it, only as a messenger really.
doesn't messenger listen in on you?

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