ez $ referral method ( USA ) *not bullshit hf leak*
by nigg3rfagg0t - 06-11-2019, 03:12 PM
My main game is exploiting referral programs that pay out worthwhile money for sign ups under you. Today I'll share one I'm done with because the referral bonus was lowered from $50 a person to $20. You can also bot this referral program with something as simple as kantu!

Today I'll share this shit , and you can read about how the referral system works/rules here.

If you didn't click those its a fintech app that helps plan towards goals and stuff. Once you have deposited a $1 toward your fund and each of your referrals deposits a $1 your account will be credited $20 instantly for each "person" that comes through under you ( pending though )

When it asks you to link your bank account they accept pretty much all prepaid debit routing numbers accept greendot bank and bancorp. 

Just keep opening prepaids minimum funding, and bot the sign ups. =)

FYI: Can take up to 90 days to process the ref fee, but they do pay.

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