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enough of the stupidity
Ok, to clear the air of any misconceptions, Loli hentai is not illegal. Why is it not illegal, you may ask, and the answer is because its fucking fake. The government doesn't care about your fucking loli collection, as long as it aint real. So don't try to fucking talk about shit you don't know about. CP=illegal Loli Hentai=legal. Have you guys gotten it through your dumb skulls yet?
Did this really require its own thread?
cough youshouldtryreadingthelawkbookitisactuallyillegal cough

As of 6/4/2010, lolicon and shotacon is banned under the 'consultation on the possession of non-photographic visual depictions of Child Sexual Abuse". That is, of course, lolicon and shotacon H-images, not works of a loli/shota genre which don't feature pornographic images.

But it's allowed in the shoutbox, idk why. Although I do think loli/shota should be legal.
Lolicon may or not be illegal, but if you truly enjoy it and have a sexual drive to only those with children figureine (as shown in loli or shota hentai) then you're still a pedophile.

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