eat my shoe nerds
im asher aka jarmal and i am fucking cool as hell. i might be white, but most people think of me as black cause i am cool as fuck and am black af. if you got problems, square up bitch ill smash your ass like i smashed every girl in my grades.

hell yeah im 12, idgaf, i still got a 5 inch dick and full length foreskin motherfucker, you can fucking ride it like a donkey hoe. i fucked every female in my grade, i even fucked my basic addition teacher when i was in 5th grade fucking bitch. i screwed her in bonus period and cummed in her vagina. cream pie hahahahaha, i smoked a bong in her tits and laughed and played jay-z cause im cool and rap better then tyler the creator hoe.

fucking bitches cant even trip me niggas, i smoke weed, i grown my own cali kush, i live in cali i surf and fuck bitches on the beach and i grow and smoke my own cocaine and shit and any drug that is considered cool i do and dont die and am really cool and high but have straight a's and fuck all bitches and i drive really fast expensive cars and sleep in pools of money and use holl holla get dolla to fuel my fire which is my lifestyle BITCH

Now listen here, if you got a fuki=kin problem wit me then take me on nigga, i got for fitty aight? AIGHT? AIFFFGDFHGHT? i fucking got heavy gold rings nigga, laced chains, i smash yo fukin face in hoe, juts liked i smashed yo moms ass last night nigga, fuck yo ass.'

patrick foley, signing out from carmel indiana bitch asses. fuck the police, fuck the people who hate maryguana, fuck white people!!!111!!11!
we got a hard nut on are hands boys lol

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