by eagleflyhit - July 10, 2019 at 01:49 AM
so have anyone heard of the software? if yes then how was ur experience and what system requirements are needed to run it
The video thing that's been pulled? It's on piratebay, like 2tb.
Anyone got a link? Could do with this software...
Is it still available? I Would like to try for research purposes.
Is there a runthrough/guide included?
Do you guys know if I can still get it?
nobody had herd of it until github banned it. Barbra strizand effect.
there are a lot of discord links that are trash but output quality is garbage anyway. thare are imgur examples.

is there an open source version?
Bump... just in case someone knows where it is...
can somebody tell me what the fuck is deepnudes
(July 15, 2019 at 05:43 PM)DavydMAC Wrote: can somebody tell me what the fuck is deepnudes

Pretty sure it's an automated process for taking a previous photo and nuding it up. Removes clothes etc and tries to make it look as genuine as possible. I think.
You can find the torrent for it on 4chan /t

You need some images of the person you want to edit (preferrably without long hair covering front of face/body) and lots of nude images for it to try. It can take hours but the results are worth it ^^

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