by italianmafia18 - 03-12-2019, 09:15 PM
what protein shake is good for slimming
None? They're for gaining muscle mass yo. Creatine (if you stack properly; 1 serving a day for the first week, then 1 a week for maintenance) is more for your actual strength. If you wanna slim, take a moderate amount of protein, get a big of muscle mass, then work with aerobic exercise, you'll tone down into a nice lean machine!
diet is only good for sliming. Or you mean only one shake daily? without any food?
I've found only one ultimate solution, if you can do it. You don't have to do anything else.

And that is, stay hungry. Get rid of all the tasty foods from your home (and fill it with what you don't like and preferably something healthy), this will help you from binge eating/craving food.

Drink a lot of water during eating.

(Why this works?
Because even if you did exercise for a whole day. you will feel that much hunger too and you'll eat that much, i.e. no net loss in weight.

Inspide you can even lose weight if you dont do any exercise but control you food intake (can bear your hunger)

use 100% way protein,i use dymatize iso 100
You can still get fat from protein shakes, reduce the white carbs and cut out sugar completely. if you're not working out or exercising. it will gradually fall off.
Creatine will actually make your muscles absorb a little bit of water, you will be heavier if you take it. Just lower the income of calories and thats it.

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