by thelinuxnerd - October 16, 2020 at 11:32 PM
Im getting a 3rd desktop computer from Craigslist tomorrow night. I will have a total of 2 android tablets, an iphone, 3 laptops, a third desktop computer. Plus I have bins full of random cables and other electronics. I admit that the amount of computers and technology I have can be compared to the higher education business model. In college/Uni there's the assistant, the assistant to the assistant, and the assistant to the assistant to the assistant and so on. That's what my computer business model is I hate to say it. I have a main laptop and a main desktop computer. Plus I have several backups and backups to the backups. I admit that Im starting to accumulate "hoard" computers. But you can never have too many computers. That part is factually true. im at some point going to try and get my hands on an apple. I already have an iphone. I just want a mac. Im a developer and CISSP candidate. The amount of computers/technology I have is like the business model for higher education.

I want this and dat, is this the thread for posting what we have or what we are getting? Have fun with your 3rd desktop computer.
good for you man keep yourself busy
I wish I had that kind of money.

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