by federsito - 01-18-2019, 05:58 PM
Anyone know he link for Collection#1?

here u can download it for 8 credits
Does anyone know how to get credits? I have checked the page and it says to post and threads but I do not get anymore credits? Is it specific posts and threads or specific places to post on the forums? I want to download the torrent but need one more credit
You can't get credits by posting to some sections like Leaks, world news...

Check Section Information
Get credits by giving up something, like I did. I have a bunch of credits & can't find anything useful to me to use them on.
It's a pretty large database so make sure you have space.
i find a magnet link for Collection #1 if u want
what the heck is collection 1 ??
[quote =“horizonrays”pid ='471068'dateline ='1548042886']

[quote = "yannick" pid = '466183' dateline = '1547830988']

qui puoi scaricarlo per 8 crediti

Wow  Biggrin

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