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chrome or firefox
nothing is secure. check your front door you will see.
Chrome good for porn :D
Chrome gives me better performance. I just prefer chrome, I don't care about the data it shares.
I'd go with firefox as hackbar is a lot better on firefox then on chrome
If security is the only caracteristic you want, and you only have this 2 browsers as options.

I say Firefox.
as a mac user i prefer safari :D
chrome>firefox anyday lmao
You can harden Firefox more than Chrome, but it's also quickly going down the shitter because Mozilla is ruining it. Qutebrowser is fun for daily use, but it's not the secure option.
They are both good but I prefer chrome
(06-08-2017, 08:11 PM)tmarshaxo Wrote:  They are both good but I prefer chrome

fuck off
I really dont like the buttons disposition on firefox
If it's about security, use TOR, if it's just preference I would say Chrome, I own all of them though, as I use Chrome as main, Firefox for burp-suite, and TOR for DW browsing

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