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chrome or firefox
Both are as secure as each other until the next exploit comes along...

Chrome updates it's own flash which makes it more secure than Firefox with the user having to update flash manually, although hopefully most people have flash disabled these days.

Personally I find Chrome better for browsing and firefox better for some hacking. Still fake my user agent when using Chrome so any potential driveby exploit kit throws the wrong browser/OS payload.
I like chrome, but you should try both tbh
i prefer firefox, i like it.
I would use chrome since i prefer chrome however firefox is ten times better for security.
I used to like both but I really hate how Mozilla's been following chrome down the toilet. Firefox used to have a lot more features, then got stripped to barebones to be on par with chrome when that bad boy came out. Can't blame them though I guess, Microsoft did the same with IE and went overboard.
Personally, I use Chrome. I have it on my desktop, laptop, and mobile. I used to use Firefox, but the whole thing with Flash being vuln turned me off, as well as some other security exploits I can't remember
If Chrome didn't create so many processes I'd say it's better. For now I use firefox.
i coded my own browser in VB. it is faster than chrome and really good to use
I use firefox because I hate the idea that google is trying to grab everything
Google Chrome ofcourse LOL
Definitely prefer firefox, make good usage out of the various addons available.
the sandboxing technology implemented in chrome adds a security layer protecting its users from compromised websites which usually attackers utilize to exploit its visitors' system.

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