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chrome or firefox
Chrome is easily the best
i use edge browser its good
(04-21-2017, 02:28 PM)Ellenovir7 Wrote:  I wonder which one is more secure ...
Defintely prefer Chrome, but I'm sure they are all insecure
I use chrome because it seems faster and that's just what i've always used. Don't really like the look of firefox tbh
Chrome 4ever of course, we all love big G
Firefox is open source, so this pretty much narrows it down...
Personally, I used to prefer chrome as it was much faster. Since than it became a huge cpu/ram hog though
I used firefox before but now i prefer chrome
Chrome but not sure about security
chrome all the way bro i aint on that firefox gay shit
I used firefox back in the day, but havent returned after Chrome came =(
Chrome is more targeted by malware and adware but is more widely supported

firefox is less supported but less targeted, both run mostly the same and support plugins
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