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chrome or firefox
I use Firefox usually as Chrome uses up lots of my CPU
I use Chrome, but to be fair I should probably use something else. The RAM usage is, as per the meme, too damn high.

If you want a browser that's more secure than most, use the Tor Project browser.
I use chrome because of webpage compatibility. I'm aware it's awful though.
I'm probably going to switch to firefox soon, as others have said the ram usage is getting absurd
Firefox is much more secure, check this post out to get top level protection --------->
OPERA FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!
nigga i use explorer
Webcrawler = Best search engine.
stick to Firefox, chrome was only ever good when I got lured to gay websites which spammed dialogs when u tried to close them (write ur own noscript tbh)
probably chrime faster and vetter me
Ban reason: Scamming. Ban Appeal if you wish to provide your side of the story. (Permanent)
I like firefox because its the same interface as TOR
Chrome for normal use, I preferr Firefox for security audits (not build in reflective XSS protection)

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