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chrome or firefox
Firefox, it's opensource too sooo
Firefox, it's way more secure than the shitty Chrome.
Both browsers are perfectly adequate. Firefox used to be a bit of a memory hog. Chrome is no better, mind you. IMO just pick your favourite and stick with it.
Otherwise FireFox is the most secured and faster, Chrome is kind of non-secure it's a piece of shit.
Chrome. I found firefox to eat a alot more cpu than chrome.
Both browsers are pretty equal as of like 5 years ago. I like that they auto update and are secure.
Chrome is like the Iphone of browsers. Its better just cuz lol
Ya I think chrome is alot better cause it's got the Task Manager and It wont hog down my other programs
Yeah Chrome is good at storing passwords
Chrome, as long as you have a good amount of RAM.

This has always annoyed me with firefox...
Chrome >>> Firefox. Since TOR is Firefox based, I feel like more exploits are developed for TOR.

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