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chrome or firefox
Chrome private for porn :D
I prefer Mozilla for to configure proxy and intercept requests.
Chrome for regular use imo
Firefox is open source, consumes less resources than chrome, is not controlled by Google
Chrome is much faster, i feel like firefox stayed in the past
Firefox developer edition master race. Since its so customizable the speed on firefox can easily be improved, the only thing that sucks about firefox is its handling of WSS and its certificates, a whole big hassle if you wanna work with secure websockets.
It really depend if you use FF and Script Blocker and don;t follow every link blindly you should be allright
I will go with Firefox
Firefox; it's going to get support for Chrome addons soon.
The broad database of the chrome extension microcosm has been very satisfactory
it all depends on the needs of users. Personally, I use mozilla, but to examine the structure of the web site using Chrome
Firefox in general .
Ban reason: Leecher using real ip, retard. [email protected] (Permanent)
I think firefox is safer than chrome
Ban reason: Leecher using real ip, retard. - [email protected] (Permanent)

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