.cbz (Comic book archive) sucks
by thu - October 22, 2020 at 02:25 PM
If you are a weeb like @vladthefucker and are passionate about Chinese Cartoons, you've without a doubt run in to the .cbz format. It's fucking awful.

So what is it? [Stolen from wiki]
Comic book archive files mainly consist of a series of image files with specific naming, typically PNG (lossless compression) or JPEG (lossy compression) files, stored as a single archive file.
Folders may be used to group images. Also it can contain optional metadata stored as XML file, but there's no open format or DTD schema for it.

The filename extension indicates the archive type used:

    .cb7 → 7z
    .cba → ACE
    .cbr → RAR
    .cbt → TAR
    .cbz → ZIP

now WHY does this shit get annoying to work with?
Well, the majority of devices (ereaders, phones and even computers) don't handle .cbz too well. So ideally you'd want to convert it in to PDF or even EPUB right? Sure, but when it's basically just a folder full of pictures it quickly gets annoying. IF the images are named randomly and or not in order (say the numbers are in a fucked order), your process of adding said images to a PDF gets tricky. You either have to manually go through the extraced files and re-order them, hope there is an .xml file in which you can find everything you need or just jump off a bridge.
Now if you are so lucky as to have the .png's (or god forbid jpg's) in order, you will have to add them to a PDF. Depednding on who you are and what operating system you run, this can be an easy or a difficult task (or at least I was stupid enough to think). Because it turns out that due to the nature of CBZ's being a ton of PNG's, it means that the file sizes can become pretty big. And if you hope you can just run 
convert * BukoNoPico.pdf
you are dead wrong my friend.
Turns out, you will exhaust the imagemagick memory by default (even if you are 30 min in to the converting), and thereby are out of luck unless you figure out a way to allocate more memory to the process.

What about using other converters?
Well, the vast majority of converters online will compress the png's to shit, and a lot of local converters will try to standartize the PDF using a set aspect ratio. This is super annoying, since your final PDF will end up looking stretched and retarded.

Fuck off with your fancy zip folders
Yeah, like how thu has kindly elaborated, .cbz format sucks.
Oh, I saw that little reference there.... never knew that you like "that" kind of stuff.

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