can you cheat on fortnite ?
can you cheat on fortnite ?
can you cheat on fortnite ?
(04-06-2018, 01:38 PM)tvq17726 Wrote:  can you cheat on fortnite ?

i've never seen a cheater in fartnight
fortnite/epicgames do a good job on cracking down on cheaters/hackers , as of recent, i haven't saw any.
Of course there is but epic is doing a great job with their anti-cheat
Most things are server-sided and their anti-cheat apparently works very well, so I imagine it'd be pretty infeasible to cheat on there.
IT should be possible but wouldn't you get banned ? :/
Aimbot, still using it but pretty risky.
Yes there is mostly chams or radar whatever you wanna call it. Usually gets you perma banned within a day or two tho lol
i hope this game doesnt get ruined by cheaters like other pc games, cough csgo
Of course you can, every game can be cheated. Whether or not it's easy or it has been found out how to do so is different.
I seen a dude that had glitched into a wall at the underpass in tomato town.

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