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bye fuckers
im going to disappear of the face of the earth and raidforums
idk when ill be back

~your leader gandalf

(will still be using same skype though)

[Image: crying-gifs-10112013-09.gif]
ip logging fag
[Image: 05151afead73ad3622eabffdd6c07466.png]
[Image: mJ7B9T2.png]
Bye gandalf
>bye fucker>puts ip logger in website >get banned for it>crys about the ban>still doesnt remove ip logger
RIP Gandalf - I hope you come back Smile
use @legolas as alt keepo
Pls don't go Gandalf.
nvm. fuck you. ip logger Kappa
Gandalf says the reason for this thread was because he was going on Fall Break for a bit and won't be able to be able to access RaidForums. Just to inform those who are getting suspicions from this.

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