booksandtea Discord
by disboi - August 27, 2017 at 08:49 PM
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Raid them. 

Their rules are below so go violate em

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1. Please do not encourage the use of torrenting or illegal downloading of books/audiobooks here. Many members work in the industry and this type of behaviour only damages it. Added to this it could cause the server to be shut down as it goes against Discord's rules.
2. Staffs say is final. Respect and listen to them, they’re here to help.
3. No spam or bullying. Homophobic or racial slurs will not be tolerated here and will result in an immediate ban.
4. No pornographic imagery or links. (Lewd/smut writing or fanart is acceptable.)
5. Keep controversial topics such as politics and religion (etc) talk to an absolute minimum, preferably not at all. If discussed calmly and respectfully its fine.
6. Absolutely no sloths.

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