bitcoin is dying
by fsdfodsnf - November 27, 2018 at 08:25 PM
Wallet hacks and cost of mining is putting people off i think, but i dont really know anything about it. Apparently block chain will solve all problems
i do agree. It will die sooner or later. It is too complex for common people and limited in size. Plus the recent BitcoinCash fork prove that creating fake value is what it's all about.
Plus the recent Senate hearing from Roubini, plus the ASICs rendered useless by the increased hashing difficulty...

It was a nice adventure, though! RIP Bitcoin :(
I don't think it will ever die. Every single crypto coin uses bitcoin to cash out. Which is why when it drops 10%, all the other trash coins drop 20%.
bitcoin died when it was pumped for usdt
it will never recover to the height it once was...too many investors have been burnt in previous pumps
I think that's a fair point, if it does recover it's going to take a long time. Many people will have learnt their lesson and it'll certainly have put off smaller investors that wanted to try their luck.
I don't think it'l'l ever be back up soaring in the 15k region ever again a coin like this has no real use besides being held.
2019 year of financial crisis and we will see then.
We're talking about something that's at 4k $... Wouldn't really call it "dead"...
I wouldn't say it's dying. It peaked, now it's in decline again. The hacks aren't helping though, so it is becoming less and less popular with the various wallet and currency security markets being under attack.

Cryptocurrency especially with the TOR network and TOR services, are always going to be a's probably not gonna die off for I would say the next 10-20 years(think about when BC first came around and was selling for .80 cents<<<American Here>>> nobody expected it to survive and be as big as it got. But then it became a multi-million dollar industry where warehouses are rented out to house miners)

I don't think it'll ever actually die, but it may become something new, like how they did going to Bitcoin Cash. It'll change, it won't die out though.
It'll go up eventually once another government relies on it, it's only a matter of time, I sense year 2019 is the Crypto year!
I'm think that bitcoin never die but price for this crypto is very unstable and it's very risky to buy/sell this "money" for now...  Confused

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