bitcoin is dying
by fsdfodsnf - November 27, 2018 at 08:25 PM
Every time I look at my balance it pisses me off that I didn't sell in December.
WHo'd have thought non-centralized currency wouldn't last? I mean other than Alexander Hamilto?
I noticed the huge drop from my pocket, It'll definitely blow back up. Or atleast it's what i hope lol
btc current value is more dead than my grandma
(November 29, 2018 at 11:07 PM)DodgingFeds Wrote: btc current value is more dead than my grandma
Can't imagine how something can be 'more' dead. You are either dead or not.  Biggrin
bitcoin more like BUTTcoin
12k to 4k. To risky for me. Always enjoy all the drama that surrounds it though!
(November 29, 2018 at 02:49 PM)HairyPineapple Wrote: Every time I look at my balance it pisses me off that I didn't sell in December.

Not just you, I know a lot of people on the same boat (me included).  Tongue
It may very well bounce up again. After all, McAfee said it woud reach 1M in 2020. Let's wait anyway
Really?? I dont really think its dying because its a currency only gay companies with money can use commonly and effectively in the shadows. Regular people arent using it because its very hard to even get it and i think the goy goy jewish people have something to do with it
Personally everytime i look at my balance i diea little inside. I could have sold them in december and be done with that...but then i look at the past years price fluctuation and i see that it's a cycle repeating itself, each time with an all time high and a floor a little higher. Based on that, i personally think that we're just in the downward spiral of the cycle. Don't sell, hold what you have and forget about it. Maybe 4 - 5 years down the road you will hear again about a surge in BTC price and you will realize your balance is now worth a lot again
I have some coins to trade, but now I'm keeping it all in my cold storage... wait 5 years at least.

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