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bitcoin is dying
Also in the news,...And it's back. No, seriously, it will never die. It does need a lot of changes, though.
Bitcoins is a bubble no shit...
Stable at such price, really enjoying making payments from it without having to change from tether like back in the days.
No point in asking this question no one knows if its dead or not just adjust your investments accordingly.
buy low and HODL. Should recover soon. :D
Guys, what's your prediction regarding BTC price during next 2-3 months?
Lost the house, wife and kids to btc. HODL
(01-13-2019, 03:39 PM)adertipnip Wrote:  Lost the house, wife and kids to btc. HODL


In all seriousness, anybody looking at the current crash?

I really think btc and eth is/will be a good investment (if nothing goes wrong lol - THIS IS NOT BUYING/INVESTMENT ADVICE xD)
It is just like the stock market, I think it will bounce up and down.
when no one talks about it, it would be the time to buy some
In my opinion, bitcoin will not die, but bitcoin speculation will.
neverrrr give up people

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