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best computer
by uglygood1 - September 23, 2019 at 10:18 AM
whats the most powerful computer money can buy
pc or mac
one that you can customize to fit your needs... playing games? your rig will need the best graphics card. cracking? you'll need a high-end CPU
Pleiades supercomputer, only cost me breaking into NASA
really depends on your needs. I think that the highest price pc > highest priced mac.
I like mac nonetheless.
There's boutique shops that overcharge boomers for fancy painted boxes with lots of lights. It makes me sad to think all that power is being used to play games and by a guy who sucks at them.

But, 'the most expensive computer' you can buy, is hundreds of millions. HP does setups for banks that are... that old supercomputer site... top500 or whatever lists the most powerful machines in the world and whatever some university has, you could to if you can afford id. Which you can't.
I would say it depends on your needs, like some others already said.
If you are just an average Gamer, a normal 800$ Computer will be enough i guess.
But if you do stuff like cracking hashes, hacking and other IT related things, i would recommend you atleast 2 Gpu's, atleast 32 Gb Ram and a good i7 or i9 Cpu to have enough power for calculations.
My opinion.
(September 23, 2019 at 10:18 AM)uglygood1 Wrote: whats the most powerful computer money can buy
pc or mac

Thank you for this post. I will get straight to the point. Unix derivatives are lightweight operating systems, therefore it consumes the least resources on your hardware to run the OS, freeing up those resources to put into whatever operations you are trying to perform on your computer. That is why so many servers are run on Linux. These are OSes are SunOS, Debian, Linux, Fedora, and Solaris. You will probably think that an i9 is the best. WRONG. For the 'best' you will want a motherboard with two CPU slots (maybe more) and run TWO i9 (yeah yeah Ryzen is more cost effective but no one optimises for it.) As for GPU, well if you need a GPU for 'computing' and not gaming (although it also naturally works well for gaming), the current best for GPU computing is the RTX 2080 Ti. It's the most cost effective GPU for deep learning, neural nets, etc. RAM? Go as high as you want. 64-bit Linux can support up to 256 TB DDR4 of ram (DDR4 is the standard but DDR5 is making waves). At this point, it should be clear to you that I have no idea what I'm talking about but if you are still reading, put about a hundred of these together and make a supercomputer - you'll have a very high computational power but no storage. Storage is optional.
Check logicalincrements.com

That will give you a good introduction to the market as far as PC parts go.
The ENIAC for sure... fast and ergonomic with lots of memory and storage.
I think the PC that will hold up to 128Gb RAM DDR4 3200Mhz+ + SSD MAX + a couple of RTX 2080 Ti
Apple has a good design and performance
I would say it depends on your needs, like some others already said.

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