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attack on titan
will there be an episode 13 of season 2?
As far I know the second season is over.

Wait for Season 3.
yes,the second season is over. the season 3 on its way.
Season 3 is coming on 2018

you could read the manga though, the drawings are quite amazing
Not a fan of previous season.. hope upcoming is good.
awaiting for season 3 aired in 2018
Just started watching these, Id hope so. They're really good
Manga is way ahead of the anime, if You really liked watching it, try reading it as well!
Nope. I find it stupid that they'd stop it so early only because they slightly revealed the beast titan and that's supposed to be a big moment. I'd read the manga alongside the anime if I were you, but that's a personal preference.
can't wait for season 3 it is going to be quite quite amazing indeed
Ye obviously there would be a season 3 as the attack on titan isnt finished yet
At least we don't have to wait as long for the next episode release.  But it definitely was a short season.

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