at what age did you stop believing in santa clause?
by SoupTrashBaby - January 11, 2020 at 12:53 AM
as the title states, at what age did you stop believing
I was 11. Caught my moms husband bringing in santas gifts.
What do you mean stopped? Santa's real MF'er!

[Image: 28095273253c8f84fb52e230ceec76a8e5a800a6.png]
i think i was somewhere around 10 years old , bit i also remember not caring because i just wanted gifts.
Probably around 10 or 11 when "Santa" had the same writing as my mom and I got talking about it with other people at school.
When I caught my Mom banging a bloke in a Santa outfit
I can't really think when it happened. Don't remember a significant moment where the penny dropped. It just happened organically.
I don't think my parents ever really did the Santa thing
i still believe in santa claus
I can only join you there
maybe about 7 but I knew it before that,then i just got proof
I like to think I was always skeptical considering I never had a fucking chimney for him to drop down.

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