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anyone play runescape
I get back into it every one in a while for a week or 2. Im not very good
Honestly, very rarely...have feeling that RS slowly disappears
I love the old school version, been playing since 2010 and I miss the good old days before the newer updates.
Not that the new updates are bad, just the preference.
I'm a oldschool-freak, but gettin bored of the RuneScape Communty is very death game!
Play osrs now and then.
I have an RS3 account with 2602 skill level, don't play it though
runescape is a kids game only kids play it ;D
(03-04-2018, 02:47 PM)micko05 Wrote:  Honestly, very rarely...have feeling that RS  slowly disappears

Community has only grown in the last few years. Should check out the /r/2007scape reddit.

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