by ryebread - September 22, 2015 at 03:38 AM
hello friends it is i
dont take anything i say seriously

here are some past achievements

Disconnect: Kicked by Killing It(STEAM_0:1:47662603) (Banned permanently: FAG). 
Disconnect: Kicked by theseus400(STEAM_0:0:61877126) (Banned permanently: for being a bitchxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx). 
Disconnect: Kicked by Pacha(STEAM_0:0:33952989) (Banned permanently: fuck off). 
Disconnect: Kicked by toggleHack.Initiate(aimbot);(STEAM_0:0:15627151) (Banned for 5040 minute(s): woops i slipped on my banana). 

cowmggh: ????s_s??????? is a Traitor! 
cowmggh: he was rdming 
*DEAD* (TEAM) chimera: !report 
*DEAD* (TEAM) cowmggh: !report 

*DEAD* (TEAM) O No, I Hate Everything about u: SOOO... . THIS SERVERS SHIT 
*DEAD* (TEAM) O No, I Hate Everything about u: BAI 

*DEAD* (TEAM) [Jareth26]: ryeis an a hole 

(OOC) Bloody Painter: Hey, Rew1nd, why don't you get one of your friends to boot namreka fatsug offline? 
(OOC) Bloody Painter: Or maybe do it yourself? 

Lead Vs Head to You: u an actual hacker? 
You to Lead Vs Head: no 
Lead Vs Head to You: k 

TrollNaughts: playbox 
[ADMIN] playbox: yes? 
TrollNaughts: y server so laggy? 
[ADMIN] playbox: Some guy trolling and ddosing server 
[ADMIN] playbox: Sorry 

9:44 PM - GAMERDUDE5151: and wanna know something eles faggot 
9:44 PM - GAMERDUDE5151: your a gay ass mother fucker cocksucker crybaby 
9:45 PM - GAMERDUDE5151: now block you pussy 

*DEAD* (TEAM) The_Terminator: stop fucking rdming me 
*DEAD* The_Terminator: fuck you cheat engine pro great vpn 8eu/ 

*DEAD* (TEAM) MTAswift: that rye your hillarious 

(TEAM) Inferno Halo: i just wanted to have fun... but apparently i cant have that 

Jake.....FromStateFarm: i feel bad for your parents 
Jake.....FromStateFarm: that they had sex and made you sucks ass 
Jake.....FromStateFarm: why are fags like this even born even though they know theyre mistakes of life 
Jake.....FromStateFarm: theres something called suicide you should try it you fat retarded shit was hope you dick licking cock gobbling shit heads get 
Jake.....FromStateFarm: aids in the ass 

Papa: maybe I should ask sometime so I can kick these assholes, this is like the millionth time I've had to come here and fix shit 
Papa: Crywolf how do I become an admin, there is crazy shit going on all the time in here 
Papa: I would dedicate time and anything else just to be able to kick these jerks 
Golf: crywolf help me 
Golf: hackers are hacking 

Frank the Hobo: cunt shit niggas suck my fat cock you scrumpy cunt clit sucking cunt dildo eating crab infested queers. You mums have aids. 
Frank the Hobo: You guys server is going to be taken down cuz i reported both of u and the owner 
Crazymonk?y: why do you have to be cunt on game where people that want to play this game 

{LASZ} SharpieCakes: Yeah, dude. Go fucking die in a ditch, no one likes hackers. 
{LASZ} SharpieCakes: Why do you think its sensible to threaten DDoS attacks, which is a major federal crime, you absolute cunt, so go ahead. 

Disconnect: Kicked by Developer(STEAM_0:0:7203955) (Banned permanently: GDAAP, DO NOT USE THIS ON OUR OR ANY SERVER! GO FUCK YOUR SELF SIDE WAYS).
Welcome @ryebread To Raid Forums...
Make sure to read the rules and have fun.

I understood nothing. Welcome to RF?
Starting with spam in your intro... very good

You might need a link to the rules?
(September 22, 2015 at 10:25 PM)Ravioli Wrote: Starting with spam in your intro... very good

You might need a link to the rules?

It's not spam. Noting down your past achievements in the context he used it from =/= spam.

Welcome to Raidfourms, Rye.
(September 22, 2015 at 10:25 PM)Ravioli Wrote: Starting with spam in your intro... very good

You might need a link to the rules?

are you actually stupid?
Welcome to RF, enjoy your stay.

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