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a question about grades
will i fail if i get two E's overall or 2 E's in one of the four nine weeks? pls i wanna know if i am failing or able to pass
Nigga wtf is an E u high or what
How bad can you be to get an E
unamerican ass nigga
Nigga wtf is an E u high or what
(04-19-2018, 12:36 PM)Moot Wrote:  Nigga wtf is an E u high or what

in PA an E is equivelant to your F
You're probably failing m8
I don't think in the UK they use A's and B's. That summaries the "wtf are you on" "are you high" comments.

Might wanna add a little more detail/time to your thread next time in explaining shit.
Probably gotta do better than that man! Get on that shit.
Just bite down on something and let the math teacher fuck you in the ass. Otherwise, your only options are, hacking your grades or shooting up the school xD.
Many walks of life here, but a positive educational background is useful to have in your life
Your score is a low "C" which means it's not good, but not bad either.

GCSE System - US System

A or A* = A
B = A-
C = B
D = C+
E = C
F = D+
G = D
U = F (FAIL)

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