Zone Alarm Breach
by Kschulz - November 13, 2019 at 11:23 AM

Anybody has that? Where can I get this?
oh the irony
Ho come on ! A security company can't be pwned like that ! It's not possible LMAO
saw it lol everywhere already man.
Irony, these companies use software's which get mass pwned someday leading to such breach.
I love it when these type of sites get done.
Surprised zone alarm is still even a thing after all these years.
I guess you're not the only one looking for him .....
This shit is so funny for real
Fuck Zone Alarm.

I vividly recall having their shit firewall on my pc years ago, and un-installed it after I found out it was hogging my systems resources, and it just outright blocked my internet access.
security companies are always the first to pwnage. I see this shit way too often
get mass pwned someday leading to such breach.
5.000 forum user is a lite breach, other side is al 100M user of zone alarm

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