Zimbabwe's Mugabe refuse to step down
by manecke - 11-20-2017, 05:25 AM
I sense some big shit is coming:
Cool, can't wait for this to blow up.
Don't really know what to expect ..even if the guy leaves the rest of the gov will stay.. so meh..
I think it's not fair to govern the country in his 93 years when he was a leader for almost 40 years now.
He is really not able to be president anymore! He fell asleep during the speech he did in front of students -_-

Indeed people should decide what is the best for their State
Well it came to no surprise to me that he refused to step down, we all know they type of person Mugabe is so no-one should have hoped for him to do the right thing. But yeah a 93 year old as President, he really needs to lose his position, he'll drop dead soon anyway. I believe he'll be impeached now instead.
One word can describe this big mess:

long ago he had to topple this old fart

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