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Zer0day remote code execution vulnerability for Windows 10
by deneme577 - May 29, 2017 at 04:13 AM
On May 23, 2017, a security researcher @lupus_cyber claimed on Twitter that he had discovered a Windows 10 remote code execution vulnerability zer0Day and had exposed the exploit process video.

[Image: win10-rce-zer0day-768x293.png]
Demonstration video

Hope that guy takes the bug bounty, he'll probably make A LOT. Nobody wants a WannaCryt0r 3.0
welp time for wanacry 3.0
Patching Windows 10 would be much easier for Microsoft Wink
What makes this Windows rather than Chrome? Is this just a way to show it? Overall, he probably should have had the vendor patch then release. (Assuming he didn't)
Microsoft should engage more into the bounty hunting programs, so that experts like him would get compensated, while Microsoft gets a chance to become more secure
Easy fix.

Stop running windows, switch to a linux distro, and dual-boot it with Tails.

- Done.
going to patch quickly Smile thanks for sharing
lol. Not bad. Get some crypto locker just by visiting some website :D
Bug bounties are the future of IT security, other than money (obviously), the hackers, researchers, experts would really appreciate (IMHO) the recognition, big companies like Microsoft and Facebook should have a hall of fame for bug hunters
Another one for the gov...

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