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Your Favourite GNU?
by bklake - December 26, 2019 at 12:23 AM
What is your favourite Linux GNU that you have used?
Ubuntu Gnome and Arch Linux with budgie desktop
I think Ubuntu Gnome with budgie desktop

It is perfect. I always use Ubuntu Gnome and Kali Linux.
Hard to pick one..

Battlestation is Mint19
Laptop is Kali, probly changing to Parrot
All my bare metal servers are running ProxMox, so Debian based
Most fwd facing services are running on CentOS
Ubuntu Server for certain applications, usually internal services only

Hard to pick one cause they all have a use case to me, and I will use whatever distro suits my needs in any given scenario. Sometimes you need small and lightweight, sometimes need mad features, sometimes need graphics, sometimes headless. But for general workflow and production, Mint with Cinnamon is my preferred.

But hey I'm not biased just to Linux, I run pfSense for a router, So limited application for BSD, My ping time dropped by about 60% when I got rid of my ISP router, and ran my fiber internet from the ONT straight to pfSense.
Debian stable for servers ( VPS, Dedicated )
Debian testing for most computers including pentesting ones
Qubes on the sensitive NAS computer
TinyCore on old computers ( before 2002 )
Ubuntu Gnome and Arch Linux goods
Debian forever obviously
Debian updated , kali for hacking ,
Arch and Gentoo for desktop.
Debian for servers because its out of the box

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