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YouTube #1 Viewed Video
(07-11-2017, 11:43 PM)Sem Wrote:  See You Again just passed Gangnam Style and already has 4 million more views.

Despacito will probably pass it in a few months, they got 2.4b views in just 6 months.
Yes Despacito will soon pass it, it has been seen a lot more in shorter timeframe.
Despacito is only 7 million views off of See You Again and being the most viewed YouTube video. It's literally gained 500 million views in a month.
Lol , wtf didn't even notice this! Jezus. Although Wiz Khalifa deserves this with this song tho
Fucking despacito is taking over now, cancerous cancer song
Despacito has hit 3 billion views and is now the most viewed video on YouTube in only 7 months.
tfw You're the only one who hasn't heard Despacito... Not even once.
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back when there were like zero restrictions on view spamming and you could just put your stapler over F5 and watch the views on your video rack up...

those were the days
Can someone please explain why this trashy song is getting so many replays? TBH this song should have died with the movie and Paul Walker...

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