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YouNow Raiding Technique
Hey guys, my crew TTBC ( ) has been using a new method that I am not sure has been widely used as of yesterday when we started doing it. It's a very simple way to get phone numbers which are an easy way to get a DOX from their provider, etc.

Here is a step-by-step on this method:
  • Find a group of piping, disgusting fagirls or faguys, or singular fagirls or faguys.
  • When scouting, look for tags that suggest truth-or-dare type scenarios or prank call scenarios. They are the easiest, but in reality an pre-pubescent little shit will crack if you provide them enough false love and requests.
  • Once you get a good target, what you want to do is get your number (NOT SUGGESTED) or just a phony number you can use to get theirs. Provide the number (ex. "Hey man, try prank calling this number, I'm sure it would be funny as it is a friend of mine who is really gullible! 696-969-6969
  • Usually they will not put the *67 to hide their number. If they do, keep bombarding them with numbers to call until they get too lazy to put it and/or forget. Once they call, "Channel 4 is watching", cancel the call, then you will have their number that they used to contact you.
  • Using simple doxxing techniques, you can easily use their number to get locations, IP's, etc.
  • Prank call the number, doxx them, whatever. The ultimate goal is to make them cry and do the bleach challenge.

Hope this technique helps so we don't do generic fucking raids anymore and can actually get some good content. We did about 5-6 of these last night with ease.

If you are in need of a raiding crew, consider The Triple Barrel Crew to join, apply here.

-Threat  Cool

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